Covid UK News – Live: Latest updates as Pfizer vaccine could be approved by “early December”


The first coronavirus vaccine could be approved by UK regulators by “early to mid-December,” an NHS boss said, as reports suggest healthcare workers could receive the first injections within days .

Hospitals were told to prepare for the launch of the Pfizer / BioNTech jab within just 10 days, according to the Guardian.

It came as Michael Gove warned every hospital in England could be inundated with coronavirus cases if MPs do not back the new system of tiered restrictions.

Faced with a major rebellion from the conservatives, the Cabinet minister urged MPs to “take responsibility for the tough decisions” to curb the spread of Covid-19.

“Keeping our hospitals open, available and efficient was not only crucial in dealing with Covid-19. It was imperative for the health of the whole nation, ”Mr. Gove wrote in The temperature.


Royal Stoke Hospital declares ‘major incident’ after 38 Covid patients on ventilators

A Staffordshire hospital has declared a ‘major incident’ following a sharp rise in the number of critical coronavirus patients on ventilators.

Royal Stoke University Hospital raised the alert level of its intensive units from three to four, as 38 patients were on ventilators as of Friday evening, leaving only seven ventilators available.

Our journalist, Alessio Perrone, has the full story below:

Conrad DuncanNovember 28, 2020 1:09 PM


Hancock comments on Vaccines Minister’s appointment

Conrad Duncan28 November 2020 13:00


Three people arrested over suspected coronavirus violation in London, police say

Three people have been arrested for allegedly violating coronavirus restrictions at King’s Cross station in London, Metropolitan Police said.

The arrests preceded a demonstration scheduled for Saturday by the Save Our Rights UK group.

Police urged people not to attend protests in central London over the weekend due to the nationwide coronavirus lockdown this month.

The Met said a protest was not an authorized exemption from the ban on gatherings under England’s regulations and that those who attended would risk enforcement action by officers.

Conrad DuncanNovember 28, 2020 12:57 PM


Union leader Sir Keir Starmer called for a ‘clear and fair system of business support’ for areas with level 3 coronavirus restrictions:

Conrad Duncan28 November 2020 12:49


Unions call for public health campaign to encourage vaccine uptake

Labor’s shadow health secretary called on the government to produce a mass public health campaign calling for the adoption of the coronavirus vaccine, when approved by regulators, following the appointment of a minister responsible for deployment

Commenting on the decision to appoint Nadhim Zahawi as Minister of Vaccine Deployment, Jonathan Ashworth said: “Just days ago Labor called in a Minister of Vaccines to oversee the enormous logistical challenge of widespread immunization.

“We now need a mass public health campaign to encourage uptake of the vaccine, while ensuring that the resources are in place for GPs and other healthcare professionals to deploy it quickly as soon as possible. . “

Conrad Duncan28 November 2020 12:34


How will Labor vote on the new tiered coronavirus restrictions next week? Last night, the shadow financial secretary of the Treasury, James Murray, suggested that his party would support the government only if additional support was offered to the regions under the strictest rules.

Conrad DuncanNovember 28, 2020 12:27


Our editor Whitehall, Kate Devlin, has more details below on the appointment of a new vaccine minister:

Conrad Duncan28 November 2020 12:13


Nadhim Zahawi appointed Minister of vaccine deployment

Boris Johnson has appointed Nadhim Zahawi as Minister of Health responsible for the deployment of the coronavirus vaccine, Downing Street has announced.

As a number of reporters have noted, Mr Zahawi earlier this week criticized the government’s decision to place his constituency of Stratford-on-Avon under level 3 restrictions.

Conrad DuncanNovember 28, 2020 12:02 PM


Christmas trains will be classified as ‘off-peak hours’, Avanti says

Leading rail operator Avanti West Coast has announced that the last two weeks of December will be considered ‘off-peak’ travel times, cutting costs for some or more users by half.

From December 18 until New Year’s Day, the intercity operator will remove peak fares in an attempt to give customers “greater flexibility” and help maintain social distancing on trains.

Our travel correspondent, Simon Calder, has the full story below:

Conrad Duncan28 November 2020 11:53


Scientific advice for families reunited at Christmas

With families due to reunite for Christmas next month, experts have started sharing their suggestions for reducing the risk of the coronavirus spreading during the holidays.

Scientists advising the government have laid out a number of general tips to consider when mixing households for any type of family, religious or cultural celebration.

The basic recommendations from the Environmental and Modeling Group (EMG) and the Pandemic Influenza Behavioral Scientific Group (SPI-B), dated November 26, can be found below:

– Host an online gathering, postpone the event to a later date, or go for an outdoor meeting (like a walk)

– Limit time spent together as much as possible, children meeting vulnerable older parents outside

– Avoid overnight visits, but if this is not possible, limit people from different households sharing rooms

– Limit the number of people who meet and choose the largest possible space

– Open the windows to improve ventilation inside

– Ditch board games with shared objects in favor of a quiz

– No festive singing or dancing as both have been linked to higher risk of transmission and higher outbreaks

– Make sure tissues, wipes and disinfectant are easily accessible

– Greet people with bumps in the elbow rather than hugs to avoid face to face contact

Conrad Duncan28 November 2020 11:41


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