COVID NYC Update: New York Transportation Union Testing Identifies 20 Asymptomatic Workers Positive for Coronavirus


NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – The New York Transportation Workers Union announced on Tuesday that 20 workers have tested positive for COVID-19. These workers had no symptoms and as a result, the workers were able to seek medical attention and self-quarantine.Officials say tests continue to take place on system buses and subways to prevent the spread.

“This is exactly why we asked for this testing and screening program – to identify transit workers with the virus before they show symptoms like fever and fatigue,” said Tony Utano, president of TWU Local 100. “This allows our members to get medical attention faster and to self-isolate at home, so they don’t inadvertently pass the virus on to others at work or in their community.

TWU Local 100 has been a strong advocate for the membership screening initiative, starting with the release of our 10-point plan to reopen New York in the spring. This is an ongoing program and the location calendar is updated weekly on the MTA portal.

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Since the end of October, 3,027 workers have been tested on the properties of Transit with 20 positive results. Another 278 visited an emergency care center in Northwell for testing, 18 tested positive.

Officials say transit workers are testing positive for COVID-19 at a rate below the city average, which is around 3%. The rate for workers who have been tested on the job is 0.66%. The positivity rate for transit workers, including Northwell’s tests, is around 1%.

“We are working hard to combat this virus,” Utano said. “The vice presidents and officers are constantly monitoring the situation and pushing the MTA to do more. We need to stay alert and work together, and that includes wearing your masks, especially indoors. ”

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