Covid News Live: Latest updates on post-lockdown levels


As England prepares to enter a ‘tougher’ three-tier system to tackle the spread of the coronavirus when the national lockdown is lifted on December 2, travelers to the country are expected to benefit from relaxed quarantine rules that will be rolled out later next month.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday new rules for a tiered system that is expected to stay in place until spring.

The Prime Minister called on the British to exercise caution as they enter the winter months and to be “very careful” during the Christmas season, as British leaders continue to craft a plan that will allow families to get together for the holidays.

Part of that plan appears to include allowing travelers arriving in the UK to end the mandatory quarantine period earlier with a negative coronavirus test after five days.

The new rule is expected to take effect on Dec. 15, Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said.

The travel industry has welcomed the new rule, calling it “late”.


Kay Burley Asks Grant Shapps Why New Quarantine Rules Took So Long

A chaotic exchange unfolded between Sky News anchor Kay Burley and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps on Tuesday morning as the TV presenter pushed the MP to find answers on why the new rules on quarantine restrictions for travelers took so long.

After claiming that he did not want to ‘bore’ Burley listeners with his response, Mr Shapps finally answered the question, saying a number of ‘things had to come together’ for further restrictions to be put in place. deployed.

The round trips came after Mr Shapps announced plans for new rules for travelers to England that will allow those entering the country to shorten their quarantine periods with a negative coronavirus test after five days.

Watch the exchange here:

Grant Shapps in a chaotic exchange with Kay Burley over quarantine regulations

Chantal Da SilvaNovember 24, 2020 8:35 AM


Travelers to England may shorten quarantine period with negative test

From December 15, travelers arriving in England will have the option to end their quarantine periods earlier by taking a private coronavirus test after five days, provided the test is negative.

Travel correspondent Simon Calder explains the new rule, along with the travel industry’s response here:

Chantal Da SilvaNovember 24, 2020 8:21 AM


Hello and welcome to our continued coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, with England preparing to enter a new, reinforced three-tier system, while travelers in the country will see quarantine rules relaxed just before Christmas.

Chantal Da SilvaNovember 24, 2020 8:10 AM


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