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We won’t be negotiating with the mayors this time around – it kept us from settling cases last time, Shapps says in a thorny exchange.A little more from our interview with Grant Shapps earlier. There was a pretty pointed exchange between the transport secretary and Kay Burley after the presenter urged him on whether the government would negotiate again with regional mayors once the tier system returns to England on December 2.

It started with Mr. Shapps explaining, “We’re going to assign levels across the country based on the science. So rather than engage in negotiations with different areas, which I fear rather delayed part of the prioritization last time around, which is one of the reasons we didn’t get there on the last time. as quickly as possible… Instead we will have a regionalised but national approach where, on the basis of data… this is why a particular domain will go to level 1, 2 or 3. ”

Burley asked Mr Shapps if he was implying ‘it’s Andy Burnham’s fault’ that the virus has yet to be fully contained in places like Greater Manchester.

Mr Burnham, the Labor mayor of Greater Manchester, and other regional leaders have refused a financial settlement with the government to place his region at level 3 – leading, after a deadlock, with ministers imposing Westminster rules.

“I don’t blame anyone, but in Liverpool, where level 3 has come up pretty quickly, we’ve seen cases go down. It was a success. We have seen elsewhere where the levels did not arrive as quickly for various. different reasons it was not as successful. It’s a fact, I’m afraid, and we don’t want to be in this position again. ”

When in a hurry, the transportation secretary refused to name the regions he was referring to.

Burley then suggested that Mr. Burnham simply defended the people who elected him.

Mr. Shapps’ response came: “I think the most important thing if you stand up for your area is to save people’s lives. ”

Watch this section of the interview here …


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