COVID-19: Weekly deaths climb 1,937 in England and Wales as total nears 60,000 | UK News


Weekly coronavirus deaths increased from 1937 in England and Wales – marking the second week in a row that the total has reached four digits.

The Office of National Statistics, which counts death certificates where COVID-19 is mentioned, showed an increase of 558, or 40.5%, in the previous seven days – while the figure stood at 1,379 .

Last week’s figure was first time since June this week coronavirus deaths had exceeded 1,000.

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The latest data for the week through November 6 takes the total number of deaths with COVID-19[feminine[feminine across England and Wales at 59,473.

This number is different from the total published by the UK government, which records coronavirus deaths in UK hospitals.

When all causes of death are taken into account, 11,812 people died in the week to November 6 in England and Wales, 1,481 more than the five-year average.

This is the third week in a row that the number of people dead is above average.

Data has shown that the number of coronavirus-related deaths has increased in all parts of England and Wales.

North West England recorded 568 COVID-19-related deaths in the first week of November – the highest number in the region since mid-May.

It was a similar situation in Yorkshire and the Humber – with the 329 deaths recorded there, the highest figure since the week ending May 15.

There have been 152 deaths in the north-east of England in the latest ONS figures – the highest toll since the week of May 22.

This comes after reports that two different vaccines performed well in testing.

U.S.-based Moderna said its inoculation could be 94.5 percent effective against the virus, a week after Pfizer and BioNTech released preliminary results from third-phase trials suggesting its vaccine was 90 percent effective.


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