COVID-19: state of emergency more “negative attention” for Aylmer


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The French did not immediately respond to interview requests on Tuesday.

Aylmer Police Chief Zvonko Horvat said the city has declared a state of emergency over concerns about the unrest and the potential negative health effects of a large gathering during the pandemic.

There was “an indication” that a counter-demonstration could take place, but nothing has been confirmed, he said.

“The potential for counter-protests… is something we take into consideration depending on the controversy of the issue,” Horvat said.

But solving the problem is not as simple as simply putting an end to the anti-mask protest before it even happens, he said, calling the problem “not black and white”.

Issuing tickets or laying charges on Saturday is not irrelevant, but there are many factors that need to be weighed in advance, Horvat said.

“People have the right to demonstrate… provided it is done in a peaceful manner,” he said. “The fact that there are provincial regulations in effect where only 25 people can assemble outside at any given time, again, there are some legal things we need to consider before taking any action. application.

City officials discussed with the event organizer the “potential consequences and negative impact it has on the community,” Horvat said.

The event organizer did not respond to a request for comment.

Jill Bond, owner of Groovy Moon, says she thinks the declaration of a state of emergency will make people outside think Aylmer is banned altogether, adding that what the order implies is “too vague. “. “Do we really need to be that militant?” she asked for urgency. (MAX MARTIN, The London Free Press)

According to the organizer’s social media posts, the protest will start in the parking lot of the East Elgin Community Complex before the group heads downtown on Talbot Street.


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