COVID-19: More than 1,300 people who received positive coronavirus lead to error by NHS Test and Trace due to chemical problem | UK News


More than 1,300 people were incorrectly told they had coronavirus after a lab error at the NHS Test and Trace.

The Department of Health and Welfare said 1,311 people who tested between November 19 and 23 were falsely told that they had tested positive.

The problem was apparently due to an issue with a batch of test chemicals, and the results were subsequently overruled.

A DHSC spokesperson said: “Prompt action is being taken to educate those affected and are asked to take another test and continue to self-isolate if they have symptoms.

“This lab error was an isolated incident and is being investigated thoroughly to ensure it does not happen again. ”

A total of 1,283 cases were removed from the government’s COVID dashboard as of Friday because they were reported in error.

Friday at 9 a.m. government figures showed that 16,022 more people had tested positive for the coronavirus in the UK – bringing the total to 1,589,301.

the Test and Trace perturbé The service has so far received funding of around £ 22bn in this fiscal year, or around a fifth of the NHS annual budget.

Boris Johnson admitted there had been “starting issues” with NHS Test and Trace, but insisted it was good value for money.


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