COVID-19 Advisor Biden: Indoor meals are ‘much riskier’ than schools for virus transmission


Dr Celine Gounder, a member of President-elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisory committee, told the CBSN on Saturday that dining out posed a greater risk of spreading the virus than schools. Earlier this week, she called the meals indoors “one of the main vectors of infection.”Gounder told CBSN’s Lana Zak on Saturday that municipalities making reopening decisions should weigh the risk of transmission with the importance of a service. “From that perspective, restaurants inside restaurants are much riskier, much more likely to lead to transmission than schools,” she said. “They should be closed first and the schools not until later. Gounder added, however, that it’s not safe to keep schools open in places where transmission is widespread – the status of many communities across the country.

The United States set COVID-19 records for a fourth consecutive day this week. Over 184,000 cases were reported nationwide and more than 68,000 people were hospitalized with the virus on Friday alone. On average, more than 1,100 Americans have died from the virus per day over the past week.


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