Council identifies new ‘trend’ in coronavirus cases in North Somerset


A worrying pattern has emerged in recent North Somerset coronavirus cases.According to the North Somerset Council, an “upward trend” has been identified showing an increase in cases among the elderly.

The council identified a “sharp increase” in cases among those over 60, which is an age group considered more vulnerable to complications from the virus.

Residents have now been urged to be extra careful with loved ones, especially parents and grandparents.

Councilor Mike Bell, Executive Member for Health, said: “This virus is easy to catch and transmit. So the best way to protect our most vulnerable residents is to be extra careful and take care of each other.

“Think about what you are doing and if there is more you can do to be extra careful during this difficult time. ”

The latest daily coronavirus figures (for Sunday, November 22) see a further rise in North Somerset, with 68 new cases reported in a single day.

In the past seven days, 568 new cases have been registered.

This means the seven-day coronavirus rate for the region is 264.1 per 100,000 population, which is just slightly higher than the national rate of 251.5 for England.

People are at greater risk of having severe symptoms from the coronavirus if they are older or have underlying health conditions.

The council’s statement, released Friday evening (November 20), said cases continue to climb “in all age groups.”

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Of particular concern, however, is the increase in the elderly population.

The authority’s director of public health Matt Lenny said: “Anyone you mix with is at risk in your household, which could be more serious if you live with elderly parents or grandparents. .

“Follow the advice carefully, avoid entering someone else’s house, and stay 2 meters from those you do not live with.

“If you work with or voluntarily support older residents, be extremely careful. Keep this important distance of 2m if you can and check that you are using the correct PPE and that you are wearing it correctly. ”

The current national lockdown, which is due to end on December 2, currently means people from different households are only allowed to meet in pairs and only outdoors.

There are a few exceptions, including for members of an individual’s daycare or support bubble.

Mr Lenny said even people who meet other people under the restrictions should be careful.

He said: “The virus can spread outdoors if you are too close to others, so keep a space between yourself and anyone you don’t live with.

“Minimize your trips to essential businesses or services and think of others when you are away. Please wear a mask if you can and continue to wash your hands.

“We want to see this trend in infections over 60s reverse quickly, and we can by making sure we all take the risk seriously and do everything we can to prevent the virus from spreading.” .

A network of volunteers works to support vulnerable people in North Somerset, whether they do not have help from family or friends or feel socially isolated.

Details of the local group can be found here or by calling 01934427437.


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