Could there be a trade on the horizon?


Edmonton Oilers are over roster limit and salary cap, is it a commercial brewery?

Courtesy of, we can now see that the Edmonton Oilers are the only team in the league to break the 23-player limit (24 at the time of writing) and still exceed the cap for a little over a million dollars. I don’t know about you, but to me that means some sort of deal is imminent. After all, we know there are penalties for going over the lineout limit and I don’t know the rules for the lineout limit, but I guess the NHL has penalties for going over the lineout limit as well.

Ken Holland is too smart a GM to let these things happen. Fortunately, both of these goals are easily achieved by simply swapping 1 player. Personally, I have a feeling this trade will come for a lower end player. This is the only place on the list where there is a surplus of players.

I still believe the 2 biggest goals are Alex Chiasson – a RWer signed for 1 more year at $ 2.15 million. Josh Archibald could easily take his place in the roster. He proved his 20-goal season 2 seasons ago was a fluke, but he’s a 519-game NHL veteran and even though he’s a little overpaid it’s not a lot, and he would be a great addition to a young team looking for more. experience in their top 6. I’m willing to bet that a 5th or 6th round pick would do the trick as well.

Oilers must trade to fall under roster limit and salary cap

Swapping Chiasson into that salary cap dump would then put the Oilers $ 1,120,842 below the cap and place the Oilers at the 23-player limit. Good option. The other player I could see trading the Oilers would be 4th row C Jujhar Khaira. He signed for 1 more season at $ 1.2 million.

We could probably have a 6th or 7th round draft pick. He is a player who brings great physical play to the table and a certain ability on the PK but whose offense has declined for the last 3 consecutive seasons. His +/- crated with him.

Still, he has 218 NHL games under his belt and appears to be calling for a change of scenery. It is not overpaid at all and could bounce back with a fresh start. Meanwhile, Gaetan Haas should be able to take his place in the list with no problem. He’s not as physical but he will bring more attack to the table as well as better defensive play.

The only problem with Haas is that he only has 58 NHL games under his belt, so with less experience he’s more likely to replace Khaira. However, since we are only talking about 4th C line here, IMO is nitpicking. Haas will play limited minutes and face the smoothest competition the NHL has to offer, just like any fourth row C.

In fact, last season the 2 scored exactly the same 10 points. Khaira was 6-4 to 5-5 for Haas, but it’s hair-splitting. Either way, Khaira’s trading will also take care of the list point issue and put the Oilers at $ 170,842 below the cap.

Could you swap the two in one swap?

Never say never in the NHL, but it’s unlikely that in this ceiling climate you’ll find a team that could take up more than $ 3 million in ceiling space in their last 6, even for a season. Could we have a weird three-way exchange? Maybe, but this is usually only done for high profile players and higher draft picks.

I don’t remember a never-ending exchange between 3 teams with only 6 last players. If anyone wants to roam the mountains of trades through NHL history and find one, be my guest. Either way, Holland must get rid of at least 1 player out of necessity. It will be interesting to see what he has planned here. Stay tuned.


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