Costco will send you a 12 month private flight subscription to your email address – if you pay $ 17,500


Costco sells a 12-month private flight subscription for $ 17,499.99 – delivered to your email address.

The expensive one-year private aviation membership can be found on Costco gift cards and tickets with the “digital codes” section. Scroll down and you’ll find an Xbox Membership, Build-A-Bear Workshop Gift Cards, and the Private Flight “eDelivery” Membership which costs $ 17,500.

Membership is with Wheels Up, a company that prides itself on being private flight “made more accessible,” according to its website. The one-year Wheels Up membership at Costco provides access to private flights that members can book using the “Wheels Up” app from anywhere in the country with one day’s notice at in advance, indicates the product description on Costco’s website.

Flights are thoroughly cleaned and all crew members must monitor their temperatures twice a day, the website said. As described, membership includes a $ 3,500 Costco purchasing card and $ 4,000 flight credit.

Research has shown that long flights are very vulnerable to the spread of the coronavirus, so those who can afford private flights are looking for them as a safe alternative to commercial airlines, previously reported Thomas Pallini of Business Insider.



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