Corrie’s Jane Danson sobbed while reading scripts as Leanne Battersby loses son Oliver


Jane Danson of Coronation Street, who plays Leanne Battersby, appeared on Lorraine on Monday to speak to Lorraine Kelly about her heartbreaking story.Oliver, Leanne’s three-year-old son, is battling mitochondrial disease and there is now a lawsuit over whether his treatment should continue or whether it would be kinder to let him die.

“It’s been really overwhelming, we’ve been discussing this story for quite some time,” Jane said.

“And although over the years I have had so many wonderful stories, this has seemed to me to be the most important, certainly the most difficult.

Jane said she was crying just reading the scripts

“There are a lot of families going through what Leanne is going through, so we had a huge responsibility to get it right.

“It’s a huge week for this story, not just for Leanne but for all the other characters involved, Nick, Tracey.

Referring to Leanne’s partner Nick Tilsely, Lorraine asked, “Leanne and Nick seem broken, it’s hard on them, isn’t it? “

Leanne is encouraged to let Oliver die as she refuses to stop fighting for a new treatment

Jane replied, “I think what’s been really interesting about this story is that Leanne, we know, is quite fiery and stroppy and strong and gobby.

“She jumps into the depths with most things and is often wrong.

“And with this story, they stayed true to the character, she didn’t become a saint just because she was going through a difficult time.

Leanne Battersby has stayed true to her character despite her horrific situation, says Jane

“Rather than bringing the two together, Leanne did this thing pushing everyone away and thinking that she is the only one who can handle this and make things better.

“You said you sometimes cry while reading the scripts?” Lorraine asked, as Jane nodded.

“Yeah, that was really tough,” Jane replied.

“We worked very closely with the Lily Foundation, a lovely lady called Liz Curtis who lost her baby at eight months, little Lily.

“It affects you anyway, but as a parent it feels overwhelming.

“The scripts are so wonderful, it’s hard not to cry, the last few weeks have been really tough, and the next two weeks on screen are pretty full.

“I think these might be the best scripts I’ll ever have, and I must have put them down a few times because it’s really heartbreaking. ”

* Lorraine broadcast during the week on ITV at 9 a.m.


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