Corrie star petrified after being called ‘reckless *** hole’ by neighbors


Corrie star Colson Smith says he’s “petrified” to run into his neighbors after having a rubbish fray.Colson, who plays cop Craig Tinker on the ITV1 soap opera, says he’s been called a “reckless *** hole” after upsetting his neighbors over his recycling habits.

Speaking about the incident on the Sofa Cinema Club podcast, Colson, who lives with co-star Ben Price, said he now keeps his head down in the face of an embarrassing incident.

Colson like Craig on Coronation Street

The 22-year-old actor explained, “My delivery boxes that I get every week, I can’t recycle them because they contain polystyrene and blocks of ice.

“I throw it all in a big box, I recycle the other one, but I throw everything else in a big box and put it in the trash. ”

Ben, 48, who plays Nick Tilsey in Corrie, joked that the box Colson was referring to was the size of “another apartment”.

Colson spoke about the incident on his podcast

Colson said, “I want to knock on everyone’s door and apologize.

“We saw two empty boxes that weren’t in the recycling bin and I said ‘Well, these are my boxes.’

“Someone had taken all my trash out of the boxes and left it. I really didn’t know, hand over heart, that I was doing something wrong.

“I think someone was bothered because it should have been put in the recycling bin.

“I had filled the cardboard box with waste and used the box itself as a trash can, then I threw it in the trash. I thought I was right.

He then realized that there was a “declaiming” message about him on Facebook.

“But now the recycling bins have been locked, so you can only put them in the little mailbox, and there’s a post on Facebook from someone going wild on the ‘reckless *** hole who ruined it for everyone ‘. me, ”he said on the podcast of the film he presents with Ben and their co-star Jack P Shepherd.

He added, “I basically walk around the apartment now, from the minute I step in the elevator to the minute I step out I keep my head down. I am petrified.


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