Corrie fans sickened by sex bomb as Ray, 52, manipulates Faye, 18, into sleeping with him


Coronation Street viewers were left disgusted tonight when Ray Crosby, 52, manipulated teenager Faye Windass, 18, into sleeping with him so that she could progress in his business.
In dark scenes tonight, Ray invited Faye back to her hotel room to taste the trial wine.

But when the elegant Bistro owner opened the door, he was dressed only in a white robe as he invited the aspiring assistant manager inside.

Faye, played by actress Ellie Leach, was clearly uncomfortable but came in and sat on her bedroom sofa as she received a bottle of wine.

Ray probed Faye for the taste of wine as he sat across from her, the dress draped open so her bare chest was visible.

After joking that Malbec tastes like “wet dog”, Ray told her she was a “breath of fresh air” and that the industry needed “women like her”.

Faye was taken aback by his comments, happy with his praise, but then he ogled, “You sure charm me. ”

Disturbed by her comment, Faye apologized and said she didn’t want him and pointed out that she had a boyfriend.

“Oh, now you might hurt my feelings,” Ray remarked. “After everything I’ve done for you. But hey, you can start polishing the cutlery again if that’s what you want. ”

Faye sounded upset as she added, “Or – and that would be the smarter move – you can continue to take advantage of the opportunities I offer and join me in the bath.” ”

And viewers were horrified by the scene and took to Twitter for comment.

We roared, “Eww how old is Faye?” This old man is scary af corrie.  »

While another commented, “Eww ray is after Faye, she’s old enough to be your kid… ew Faye don’t Corrie. ”

* Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on ITV


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