Coronavirus tracking: US now has more cases per capita than any other country


The United States now has the highest number of coronavirus cases as a proportion of its population than any other country in the world after a record increase in new cases.

There are nearly 9.5 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the United States – also the highest of any country in the world – meaning that around 27 in 1,000 people have now contracted the virus.

This figure is roughly double that of the UK and almost five times the number of cases per capita in India.

In terms of the total number of cases, the United States accounts for about a fifth of all coronavirus infections worldwide, according to figures compiled by OurWorldinData.

But in terms of cases per capita, the United States previously lagged behind Brazil and Peru.

The United States also leads the world in terms of total deaths, with more than 230,000 since the first death was reported in early March.

The number of new daily cases and the number of new deaths are increasing, although it is the number of new cases that is increasing the most.

Daily cases surpassed 100,000 for the first time on October 31, after peaking just below 80,000 in July.

Current trends suggest the United States will pass 10 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 in less than 10 days.

New deaths in the United States also continue to consistently reach over 1,000, although despite the increase in the number of cases, the death toll has yet to experience a similar peak.

Even the most optimistic projections predict that the death toll will exceed 250,000 by the end of November.

Despite these numbers, the Trump administration has consistently downplayed the severity of the pandemic and contradicts the advice of medical experts.

(The independent)

A recent study from Stanford University estimated that at least 30,000 coronavirus infections and 700 deaths can be attributed to campaign rallies organized by President Trump between June and September.

Last week, Donald Trump Jr. claimed that the death toll from coronavirus in the United States had fallen to “next to nothing” in an interview with Fox News.

He made the comments in response to suggestions that people who attend Trump campaign rallies should be quarantined so as not to risk spreading the virus.

“These people are really morons”, the son of Trump he told me.

“I kept hearing about new infections, but I thought, why don’t they talk about deaths? Oh, because the number is next to nothing. Because we’ve taken control of this thing, we understand how it works. ”


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