Coronavirus pandemic spreads in France despite partial lockdown policies


Faced with the delayed and insufficient containment measures implemented by the Macron administration, with schools and non-essential industries open, the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread out of control in France.During a press conference Monday, the director of health Jérôme Salomon warned that the “peak” remained “in front of us” and that “the second wave continued”. It has reported 551 more deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 40,987. There are now 4,539 people in emergency care beds, up from 3,730 just a week ago. The total capacity of emergency care beds, assuming other critical operations are canceled or delayed to free up space, is 7,500 nationwide.

Another 38,619 new cases were recorded on Monday, when the numbers are still artificially suppressed due to the drop in weekend testing. As of Saturday, due to an accumulation of countless cases from the previous days, almost 90,000 cases were reported. Friday marked a new daily record of nearly 60,000 cases, which per capita would equate to nearly 300,000 daily cases in the United States. The seven-day moving average of cases in France is now nearly 42,000. The average death rate over the past seven days in hospital is 364.

Medical staff treat a patient with COVID-19 at the Nouvel Hopital Civil in Strasbourg, eastern France, on Thursday, October 22, 2020 (AP Photo / Jean-François Badias)

The spread of the pandemic is a revelation of the criminal policies pursued by the ruling class in France and across Europe. In late spring, governments forced workers back to work in order to reopen the economy and increase corporate profits. Across Europe there was a race to see who could most quickly dismantle all precautions. The second wave of curfews and partial closures were both deliberately delayed and insufficient to contain the upsurge.

From August, there was a very clear resurgence of the pandemic, at varying rates depending on the country.

Spain has shown the first clear signs of the second wave, but the central government is still refusing to implement the lockdown measures requested by local regions. In Germany, the previous peak in April will be exceeded in two to three weeks. Belgium is once again the hardest-hit European country and its hospital system is on the verge of collapse. Italy has introduced regional curfews and partial lockdowns. In Switzerland, where very few precautionary measures are in place, several cantons are reaching their maximum capacity for emergency care beds.


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