Coronavirus, lockdown and new rules in France: daily updates


Covid-19 in France: Latest statistics

Friday November 27 *
  • New cases registered in France: 13,563
  • New deaths: 340 (total number of deaths in France now 50,957)
  • Positive test rate: 12.2%

* Data provided by Figures of new cases and deaths based on the previous 24-hour period. The positive test rate is the number of positive tests divided by the total number of tests in the past seven days.

On November 28, a three-step process to ease lockdown restrictions begins

Key dates at a glance:

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Lockdown of France

France established a national lockdown Thursday, October 29 at midnight.

Under the new foreclosure rules every time you leave your home, you will need a valid foreclosure exemption form (called a “travel certificate”) to justify your reason for being outside. This form must be shown to any police or gendarmerie officer if he so requests.

All information about the lock can be found here.


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