Coronavirus live updates as national lockdown could be extended beyond December 2


Charities warn second lockdown will have serious mental health consequences

A month-long nationwide lockdown in winter will take a heavy toll on people’s mental health, charities fear.

Paul Farmer, executive director of the mental health charity Mind, says this could be “the biggest test of our mental health this year”, not only for the public, but also for the health workers who ” works tirelessly, but may be struggling with mental health. as well “.

Mind and Carers UK say the government needs to learn from the mistakes of the first wave and make sure people can get help early on.

Mind also urged the government to support those feeling lonely through a second lockdown in England, with Mr Farmer saying there is an ‘urgent need’ for a winter mental health support program that includes in-person services and online.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director of Age UK, said the hearts of many elderly people would have collapsed after confirmation that a second nationwide lockdown will begin on Thursday.

Up to one in three seniors already struggled with anxiety and depression as well as loneliness brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and the first lockdown, and now they face another challenge, Ms Abrahams said.

She added: “Seniors are generally extremely resilient, but this second period of prolonged disruption of daily life and forced isolation will hit hard.

“Now we worry about how they will cope in the next few weeks, especially if they are living on their own, on a tight income, and with little or no family or other support.”

Gentle hobbies and exercise can help some people who are trying to cope with the second lockdown, but “for some it just won’t be enough” to ease their feelings of weakness.

Getting in touch with a GP might help, but it’s important that people generally try to find older people who could benefit from friendly support, she added.


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