Coronavirus LIVE updates as Greater Manchester waits to know which level it will belong to … and the rules for Christmas


Boris Johnson has called Christmas a “very cautious” season as he continues to work out a plan with the leaders of decentralized nations that will allow families to reunite. The Prime Minister was unable to confirm details during his Monday press conference on how British families will be able to spend the holiday season.

As talks continue, he confirmed that England will revert to a regional level system from December 2.

Details of the areas in which the levels will be set will not be defined until Thursday, but there are concerns that Greater Manchester will return to level 3.

Although it bears the same title, ministers warned that this time around the rules must be “tightened”.

Tier 3 from December 2 would see the region face rules similar to the current nationwide lockdown – where hospitality venues would remain closed except for take-out.

Households will not be able to mingle anywhere, except in outdoor open spaces like parks.

Travel to the region should also be avoided.

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Mr Johnson, speaking via videoconference at a press conference in Downing Street as he continues his self-isolation, said: ‘We can hear the drum hooves of the cavalry coming up to the top of the hill, but they are not there yet.

“Even if all three vaccines are approved, even if production schedules are on track – and vaccines are noticeably behind their production schedules – it will be months before we can be sure that we have vaccinated everyone who has. need a vaccine. ”

He warned that this was “not the time to let the virus tear itself apart for the sake of the Christmas holidays,” saying: “It is the season of joys, but it is also the season to be merry, in especially with elderly parents. ”

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