Coronavirus LIVE: Teessiders line up outside toy stores before second nationwide lockdown goes into effect


The end of the year is fast approaching and the country is preparing to head towards a national lockdown again on Thursday. The coronavirus lockdown replaces England’s three-tier system for a month, but it doesn’t go as far as the initial shutdown in March.

Non-essential stores will have to close, however, while schools and universities will remain open and high performance sports continue.

People have been told that they can exercise, the bubble system for those living in single parent households remains and you may encounter others in limited circumstances.

But any violation could result in a hefty fine.

Wednesday will be the last day non-essential stores can stay open, with a spike in shoppers making last-minute purchases. Gyms across the country will also have to close.

The measures follow rising infection rates and hospital admissions, with the Prime Minister issuing a stern warning that the NHS could be overwhelmed with patients if no action is taken now.

We will bring you the latest updates throughout the day.

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