Coronavirus level system expected to be different after lockdown, minister says


The government is reviewing its coronavirus alert prioritization system for England and may change it when it returns after the lockdown, a minister said.

Robert Jenrick said the government would like to see “more consistency” in the post-lockdown coronavirus level system and examine whether previous levels were effective.

He said a revised system, if necessary, would be decided “in the next week or so,” giving people time to plan for December.

England is currently stranded nationally, but Boris Johnson has vowed the country will revert to a tiered system on December 2, when current measures are expected to expire.

But there were concerns that the old system’s first and possibly second tier of restrictions might be ineffective in controlling the virus, with infection folds only reliably observed in the more difficult areas of tier three.

A hardening of the system could see socialization inside banned at the lowest level before Christmas. Ministers are keen to keep the infection rate low during the holiday season so that families can see each other.

“We will examine whether the measures we had in the old levels were effective,” said the Secretary of the Communities, Mr Jenrick, on Tuesday morning.

“Remember, they varied a bit by region of the country, because at level 3 there was a basis of measurements, which the chief medical officer and others always said was just the beginning, and we then asked local regions to determine if they would be willing to go further than that, some did, others decided not to.

“So I think in the new levels we would like more consistency and we will have to look at the evidence to see which of these measures actually had the most impact on the virus so that we take the more evidence-based approach. proofs. can make.

“We haven’t come to a conclusion on this yet, to be perfectly honest, but we will be in the next week. “

It comes as Scotland waits to see whether its toughest level four restrictions will be imposed on the west of Scotland amid an increase in infections. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the measure was “likely” but not inevitable, yielding “stubbornly high” rates of Covid-19.


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