Coronavirus: Denmark added to traveler quarantine list after COVID-19 outbreak hits mink farms | UK News


Denmark has been removed from the list of government travel corridors due to widespread outbreaks of COVID-19 at its mink farms.

People arriving in the UK from the country from 4 a.m. are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said in a statement: “I understand that this will be of concern both to people currently in Denmark and to the general public in Britain, which is why we have acted quickly to protect our country and prevent the spread of the virus in the UK. . ”

It was not added to the non-quarantine list until October 25

“While the new lockdown rules mean that it is no longer allowed to leave the house to travel on vacation, the government’s travel corridor policy remains a critical part of government policy. COVID-19[feminine[feminine answer because it reduces the risk of importing infections from abroad. ”

Denmark was not added to the list of countries without quarantine until October 25.

It comes a few hours later Germany and Sweden have been removed from the list, with people traveling to the UK from these destinations to be quarantined for two weeks if arriving after 4 a.m. on Saturday.

Germany’s seven-day rate coronavirus cases per 100,000 people reached 140 after nearly 20,000 cases were reported on Wednesday.

The rate for Sweden is 190.

The government is believed to be using a rate of 100 as the threshold above which it plans to trigger quarantine conditions. This is compared to 20 in recent months.

The UK rate is 235.

Mr Shapps has launched a working group to develop methods to reduce the 14-day self-isolation period for people arriving from non-exempt locations.


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