Constitution agents investigate Toronto restaurant after owner opens amid lockdown


Police and regulations officers have arrived at an Etobicoke restaurant that has vowed to flout provincial orders and open a restaurant indoors during a lockdown in Toronto, but say they will not close the restaurant Tuesday.

On Monday, Toronto and the Region of Peel officially entered into a 28-day lockdown, forcing restaurants to close their patios and keep indoor dining areas closed.

Restaurants can still offer take out and deliveries during the lockdown.

But the owner of Adamson Barbecue, which has branches in Etobicoke and Leaside, took to Instagram on Monday to confirm his intention to reopen despite provincial restrictions.

“Why we stand out and why the big multinationals are all essential,” Adam Skelly, owner of Adamson Barbecue, said in an Instagram post.

” Come on guys. Enough is enough. We open. ”

He said the Etobicoke location will be open for food service from today and that patrons could be seen dining inside the restaurant shortly after it opened at 11 a.m. .

City of Toronto spokesperson Brad Ross said enforcement action will be taken against anyone who refuses to comply with provincial orders.

“The City is aware of a restaurant promoting their opening in defiance of provincial orders. If a business banned from opening does so, it will be investigated and appropriate enforcement action taken, ”he said in a statement to CP24.

Mayor John Tory told reporters on Tuesday he did not yet have the circumstances of the Adamson case before him, but said the decision to ignore the lockdown was a “political statement” and the owner should ” maybe know better ”.

“This is a duly adopted regulation put in place by the Ontario government to help fight a very acute health pandemic, COVID-19, and everyone must follow these laws and regulations,” did he declare. “Everything is on deck here in terms of people playing by these rules, whether they agree with them or not.”

Customers were seen lining up outside the restaurant on Tuesday morning and dozens of supporters gathered outside.

Police were also seen inside the restaurant shortly after it opened.

The city has not specified what fine the restaurant could be fined, but those who violate the province’s emergency orders could face fines ranging from $ 750 to $ 100,000.

Status officers, who were at the restaurant earlier today but have since left, did not comment to CP24.

Insp. Toronto Police Tim Crone said settlement and public health officials had visited the restaurant, documenting it was open against public health orders.

“At the moment, it is not allowed to remain open – it is highly likely that enforcement action will be taken later this week,” he said.

He said officers were at the scene only to ensure the safety of the public, but that they would not physically remove anyone who gathered inside or outside the restaurant.

“Due to the large number of people who are here right now, we don’t have the capacity to come in and physically remove everyone at this point and it would be dangerous to do so.

He urged other companies not to follow suit and flout the law, as frustrated as they are.

“I would discourage similar activity because it’s illegal – it’s against Ontario’s reopening law.


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