Confusion persists in B.C. over who can congregate in restaurants under COVID-19 restrictions


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The BC Restaurant and Food Association says a new set of COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the provincial government are having customers struggling to understand who they are allowed to dine with.

Association president Ian Tostenson said restaurants try to tell customers to use common sense and follow the advice of provincial health worker Dr Bonnie Henry, but he says the advice were not clear.

“There is a lot of confusion over who can dine out as a result of the past two weeks with Dr. Henry,” Tostenson said Monday.

“The spirit of what Dr. Henry says is to eat with people you trust, to eat with people in your bubble. But if you try to define it too much, it becomes too difficult.

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    </div>  Les ordonnances provinciales émises la semaine dernière exigent que les convives ne mangent qu'avec une personne de leur foyer.  Si quelqu'un est célibataire, il peut manger avec une ou deux autres personnes qui composent sa bulle pandémique.</p>      <p><em>[ Sign up for our Health IQ newsletter for the latest coronavirus updates ]</em>
    Par exemple, trois amis qui sont également mariés ne peuvent pas tous manger ensemble dans un restaurant.  Une autre erreur courante est que les parents ne peuvent pas emmener leur enfant adulte et leur conjoint prendre un repas au restaurant s'ils vivent dans des ménages séparés.

“During those two weeks, we say stay in the bubble of your home, and for some people that might mean one or two people they are in close contact with with their pandemic bubble,” Henry said Monday.

Le plus grand défi pour faire respecter l'ordonnance est l'exécution.

Restaurants are told not to ask diners if they follow the rules. Instead, Henry asks diners to know the rules themselves.

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