Colts-Titans have bizarre first-quarter ending after officials lose track of time on ‘Thursday Night Football’


In most NFL games, the first quarter is only supposed to last 15 minutes, but in Thursday’s game between the Colts and Titans it actually lasted around 15 minutes and three seconds. If you are wondering how it went, it’s because the referee team seems to have completely lost track of the time remaining on the game clock towards the end of the first quarter.

The madness began after the Titans lined up for a second and two games with just five seconds left in the opening quarter. At first it seemed like Ryan Tannehill was just going to let the time pass and that’s exactly what he started to do. However, after the clock hit zero, the referees did not skip the game.

At that time, no one knew what was going on. Several Colts defensemen tried to alert the referee team that the quarter was over, but no one whistled and since no whistle was blown, the Titans decided to start a game. seems confusing, maybe the video below will clear things up.

Even Philip Rivers was confused about what was going on!

As you can see in the clip, the first quarter had been over for almost four seconds before Tannehill finally took the snap. It was so strange to see that Fox announcer Joe Buck was absolutely incredulous that the room had not been destroyed.

As the game finally went public, it appeared that Derrick Henry’s one-yard gain on the game was going to hold up. However, someone must have alerted the referee team to the situation, as once the second quarter started the refs moved the ball back a yard, the Titans got a second and a 2 as they did so at the end of the first shift and it felt like the play never happened.

The first quarter ended with the Titans in the lead 7-3. For an update on the score and to keep an eye on the game, be sure to check out our live blog by clicking here.


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