Cole admits he was wrong about the Chelsea star


Former Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole admits he was wrong to be ‘worried’ when Chelsea signed Thiago Silva this summer.The 36-year-old joined Chelsea on a free transfer this summer and there were fears – not just from Cole – that he would struggle to meet demands from the Premier League.

But he has played an important role in turning Chelsea’s defense upside down this season, drawing praise from all walks of life.

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And Cole admits he’s changed his mind about the Brazilian, who he says is second behind Virgil van Dijk in terms of a Premier League center-back.

” Unbelievable. Out of all the signings, when he arrived, I knew he was one of the great advocates of our generation, but at 36 – you worry, ”Cole said on BT Sport. “Traditionally, players of this age entering the Premier League, it’s very difficult.

“The Premier League is a different beast now.

“I don’t think they do centerbacks like him now, other than van Dijk he’s the best in the league, maybe there is a point for that.

“For Rudiger, Zouma or Christensen beside him, he sets the standards.

“This is the level you want to achieve if you want to rank as a world class center-back. ”

Peter Crouch, a BT Sport specialist, shared Cole’s feelings.

“At 36, most of the time you go to Serie A or La Liga, which is maybe a little easier for that age,” Crouch said.

“I thought when he gave the ball in his first game I was worried, but since then he’s been flawless.


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