Cinnabon sells its icing by the pint


Cinnabon started selling its pint cream cheese frosting for the first time. The topping, which is most recognizable for being seductively drizzled over the Sweet Treat chain’s line of cinnamon buns, is now sold separately for $ 5.99 at its 900 locations in the United States and via apps from food delivery.

Technically, the pint is meant to garnish baked goods increasingly made at home and not consumed on the finger. Or at least that’s what Cinnabon hopes, writing in a press release that it’s “a perfect accompaniment to holiday cooking, baking and watching movies.” (But we don’t judge, to be honest …)

The Pint is the brand’s latest expansion, which pins its business model in high-traffic locations like airports and malls. Due to Covid-19, foot traffic in the most prominent places has dropped sharply.

Selling more take-home products is helping the 35-year-old brand to expand its appeal.

“An important part of our strategy for some time now has been to expand the brand in irresistible ways so that we can be a part of consumers’ lives in every way possible,” Kristen Hartman, president of Cinnabon, told CNN Business.In September, Cinnabon launched its very first range of frozen breakfasts in department stores and grocery stores, including Target (TGT) and Walmart (WMT). The selection includes the obvious ones, like cinnamon buns and pastries topped with icing. But there are also more gourmet dishes, like a new chicken sandwich “CinnaBiscuit”, which is a fried chicken cutlet on a cinnamon chip cookie with a cinnamon sauce.

Along with the limited edition pint of cream cheese and gift wrap at Harry & David, Hartman said these products aim to ‘continue to meet consumers where they are, which in today’s world’ hui, is more and more at home ”.

Cinnabon is owned by privately-held Focus Brands, which also controls other food court staples like Auntie Anne and Carvel. It is not publicly known how destructive the pandemic has been to its bottom line, but its peers have reported a sharp drop in same-store sales in recent months with some signs of recovery.

“Their strategy revolves around transportation hubs, and they’ve been hit extremely hard,” Morningstar analyst RJ Hottovy told CNN Business. He added that the new Cinnabon products are not “going to completely replace sales in restaurants, but it is a way to diversify, find new channels and become known.”


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