Chris Hero takes stock of his wrestling future


Chris Hero had been silent since leaving WWE in April earlier this year, which has left many wondering if we have seen the last of the former NXT star in the ring and if he plans to hanging his boots after the abrupt end of his NXT tenure.
However, the veteran recently provided an update on his status and the former ROH star has confirmed he is far from done with the fight.

Hero posted a post on the WrestlingGenius subreddit in which he confirmed he was far from finished wrestling and claimed he would return when “the circumstances and the situations are right”:

“Before anyone asks or infers, I’m far from finished wrestling. If I wanted to hang up and coach / produce, I could have a job tomorrow. I have turned down a number of companies over the past 6 months not because they were terrible offers or whatever, but because I just am not ready.

I will come back when the circumstances and situations are good. Believe me, it kills me not to be out there doing what I love. The time will come and when it does, it will be spectacular. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience. Pay attention and stay safe! ”

Chris Hero, who made his wrestling debut in 1998, has wrestled for many promotions such as ROH, Impact Wrestling, PWG and more.

He started his second round with WWE in 2016. He returned as Kassius Ohno and was positioned as the NXT Guardian, helping to establish young stars in the roster. He was released from his contract in April amid coronavirus-related budget cuts.


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