Checking the facts: has France canceled the visas of 183 Pakistanis due to the Franco-Pakistani dispute


A report released on Sunday claiming that France has canceled the visitor visas of 183 Pakistani citizens has been in the spotlight of international media these days.Such a move was reportedly taken shortly after Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan criticized French President Emmanuel Macron for his comments on Islamophobia, reports

The information was disseminated by a Twitter account named “the Pakistan Consulate in Paris” under the direction of manager @PakConsulateFr, who also claimed that among those whose visas were canceled by France was also the sister of the former head of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha.

According to the same, the Pakistani consulate in Paris asked France to allow the sister of the ISI chief to stay temporarily in the country while she came to France to visit her sick mother-in-law.

In addition, the consulate also announced that the 118 nationals had been forcibly removed, despite having valid documents.

The Pakistani Embassy in France immediately reacted to this information, calling it false and saying nothing of the kind had happened.

So, has France canceled the Cisas of 183 Pakistanis?

No, the Pakistani Embassy in Paris has not canceled visas for 183 Pakistani citizens, as reported by a large number of media around the world.

The Pakistani Embassy in Paris pointed out in a notice released to clarify the issue that France has only one official Twitter account, labeling the other as bogus and misleading.

At the same time, the official Twitter account of the Pakistani Embassy in Paris urged all people to report the fake account in order to avoid spreading fake news and information.

“The Pakistani Embassy in Paris, France has only one @PakInFrance Twitter account. Any other account claiming to represent the embassy anywhere in France is false and misleading and can be reported to @Twitter, ” the Pakistani embassy said on its Twitter account.

The day before, the Twitter account @PakConsulateFr, which claimed to be the account of the Pakistan Consulate General in France, pointed out that on Saturday, the visitor visas of 118 Pakistanis had been canceled by French authorities after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks.

“183 visitor visas provided to our citizens were deemed rejected by the French authorities following criticism from Prime Minister Imran Khan. 118 citizens with appropriate documents were forcibly evicted. We are currently in contact with the French authorities to grant a temporary stay to our citizens, ” read fake tweets.

Fake Twitter account claiming to be Pakistan’s Consulate General in France has been spreading fake news in recent days

Macron’s comments that led to anti-France protests in Pakistan

Large numbers of Pakistani citizens marched through the streets of Pakistan to protest against the republication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Tensions intensified after President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks, adding that France would not do it ” give up cartoons“. He also defended freedom of expression in France.

In an interview on Sunday, explained that some incorrect translations of his statements in the media gave him the impression that he was supporting the cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad.

“I never said that. These are lies ” Macron said during the interview for Al-Jazeera.

Smaller protests followed Pakistan’s protests in other countries, such as Turkey, Lebanon and India.


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