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Camilla and Prince Charles’ Twitter account shared news of the Duchess of Cornwall’s latest virtual engagement. In her most recent tweets, Clarence House shared a screenshot taken during a video conference in which Camilla participated alongside staff and former residents of Emmaus UK, a charity fighting to end the homelessness. During the call, Camilla spoke of the challenges faced by Emmaus UK amid the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this limited the ability to respond only to Twitter accounts directly mentioned by or followed by Clarence House.Clarence House, contacted by, declined to comment.

Fans of the couple immediately reacted to the move, speculating on the reasons behind it.

The royal fan account called The Windsor tweeted, mentioning one of the tweets from Clarence House: “Camilla keep calm and carry on as usual!

“It’s a shame that comments must have been limited but it’s the best thing to do right now!

“Cyber ​​bullies are faceless, without a real backbone and without an identity! “

Prince Charles and Camilla have recently become targets of online abuse (Image: GETTY)

Twitter user Toria added: “It’s so sad. They actually had to limit comments because of the abuse.

“Too bad they can’t filter out some of the words like Kensington Palace did when there was abuse of Meghan. ”

In January 2019, it was widely reported that Kensington Palace was monitoring and blocking abusive social media comments directed at the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Household staff spent several hours each week dealing with sexist and racist comments, according to a source reported by The Times.

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Also citing one of the latest tweets from Clarence House, royal fan Mari added, “It’s especially sad that @ClarenceHouse had to turn off their comments section due to online hate!

“We love and appreciate you, Charles and Camilla! #Weloveyoucamilla »

The ability to retweet these posts and comment on them hasn’t totally blocked criticism against the Prince of Wales and Camilla.

Twitter user Jg wrote: “So you think you can hide that people still like #LadyDiana by limiting responses ?! #PeoplesPrincess reigns forever in our hearts ”.


Camilla and Prince Charles have seen a wave of hateful comments and abuse in recent days following the release of the fourth series of The Crown.

On November 20, Twitter user Lei commented on a post focusing on Camilla’s work with the Royal Commonwealth’s Society by uploading an animated gif of someone looking disgusted.

They added, “My feelings for both of you after watching The Crown”.

Another Twitter user, Hugo, responded to the same Twitter thread, saying: “The real Princess of Wales, always Diana, Camilla, the eternal lover, Diana’s greatness will be eternal, no one can replace her, Charles de England will never be king and neither does it deserve… Diana Princess of Wales will live forever. “

And social media Shruti added, “Money can buy you costume clothes and jewelry, but not the class, charm or magnetic presence of DIANA.

“You will never be able to replace it in a million years. She is our PRINCESS, now and forever! ”

The final season of The Crown focuses on the events of the 1980s, particularly Prince Charles’ relationship with Camilla and Princess Diana.

However, the series mistakenly portrays Prince Charles and Camilla’s bond, implying that the couple had been involved in an affair throughout their marriage to the Princess of Wales.

Camilla and the Prince of Wales are believed to have barely been in touch during the first five years of Charles and Diana’s marriage.

Several commentators have warned of the dangers of portraying the lives of members of the royal family in a television series.

Royal author Sally Bede has notably warned that this season could damage Camilla’s image, despite the work the Duchess has done over the past 15 years to be accepted by the public.

She told Vanity Fair: “Charles and Camilla have come a long way with all of their hard work, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Camilla in particular has transformed from a despised woman into one widely admired for her charitable work and respected for assuming her royal role with genuine commitment.

“People came to think of her as a good egg and to accept the idea that she was queen consort.

“Because viewers mistakenly believe The Crown to be true, this particular season could undo all the good feelings about Charles and Camilla and resurrect the hostility of two decades ago.

“It will also reinforce the false mythology that Diana was the sacred victim. “


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