Chargers lose a Heartbreaker to the Raiders in the end game


The Chargers hit the field at the end of the fourth quarter. There were 25 seconds left and the Bolts had the ball over to Las Vegas 20. Rookie quarterback Justin Herbert stepped back and found Mike Williams, who was knocked out of bounds, but the referee waved to keep the clock running. . Herbert ran and spiked him with six seconds left.

“I was surprised the clock kept ticking,” said head coach Anthony Lynn.

The Bolts have had time to play twice.

The first, Herbert falls back, throws a fade route at Williams, who descends with it, but loses control as he descends. Defensive back Isaiah Johnson was also all over him. Williams was injured on the play.

They had time for another room. They had four receivers on the left with tight 6’9 winger Donald Parham on the right. They go with another fade path, but this time at their tight end. He goes down with the catch and the Chargers win the game.

As they start to celebrate, the refs decide to take a look.

After watching him on the big board, the Raiders start partying as the Chargers bow their heads. Video shows Parham lost control of the ball when he came down. Johnson was covering him, so the defender shows up for the Silver and Black.

“I thought it was a touchdown, but they flipped over,” Lynn said.

After the game, Lynn mentioned that the game was designed as an “option game” for her rookie quarterback to look at the cover and decide where to go with the ball.

“It’s one of those games that if we have a face to face with Donald Parham, we’re going to kick this out,” Herbert explained. “It’s a shame we weren’t able to score on this game, but I’m going to play this game. I’m going to throw it at him 100 more times, and I know he’s going to step up, and I know that.” he’s going to invent one. ”

The Raiders won 31-26. The Chargers fall to 2-6 on the season and with many more questions than answers.

It was just a different loss for the Chargers. They have times when they play well and others when they can’t figure it out.

The defense had a mixed game. They started off by giving up 97 rushing yards in the first half. They gave up a 23-yard touchdown to Devontae Booker in the first quarter. Two drives later, they gave Josh Jacobs a 14-yard touchdown.

The Chargers’ offense responded to those two touchdown scores with theirs. After the Booker run, the Bolts raced down the field and faced a fourth and one at the Vegas five-yard line. They decided to throw it to Kalen Ballage, who ran it into the end zone for the touchdown. It was activated on Saturday and was a welcome surprise for the Bolts’ offense. He carried the ball 15 times for 69 yards and that touchdown.

“I’m proud to be prepared,” said Ballage. “So even if it’s a bit of short notice. The last couple of weeks I’ve been off to work and trying to make sure I know my stuff. So when I go out, I am reliable. ”

After Jacobs’ touchdown, Herbert led his offense toward the 27-yard line in Las Vegas. He faked the transfer, ran through his progress and found a wide-open Keenan Allen, who entered the end zone. Allen had 103 yards of nine catches that day.

The Raiders’ next possession quarterback Derek Carr fell and knocked the ball out of his hand by Jerry Tillery, who picked it up. Tillery started up for injured Joey Bosa.

Michael Badgley arrived with eight seconds left and scored the basket from 45 yards. Bolts had a 17-14 halftime lead. It would be their only lead.

In the second half, the Raiders came out throwing. Carr has targeted cornerback Casey Hayward twice. In the first, he found Nelson Agholor for a 45-yard touchdown on Hayward. It gave the Raiders a lead they wouldn’t lose. On their next haul, the Raiders faced third place when Carr threw it to Hunter Renfrow for a 53-yard reception, who had a Hayward behind him.

The Chargeurs defense would set in after that. They would kick off the Raiders the next two times.

Between the two practices, Herbert found back Gabe Nabers for a touchdown. Herbert was injured on the play, so he couldn’t try the two-point conversion. Tyrod Taylor has arrived at quarterback. Taylor rolled to his right and then ran off to the left; he managed to get a few players out until he was met by Raiders linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski. Lynn said it was also an option game.

As previously reported, the Bolts defense managed to stop the Raiders’ offense with about eight minutes left. AJ Cole throws the ball to KJ Hill, who gropes it, and the visiting team recovers. They drained another 3:30 from the clock, and Daniel Carlson hit the basket from 31 yards.

Return error to injure the team.

“The youngster has been good all year,” Lynn said of Hill’s fumble. “This mistake today hurt us. I thought our defense had stepped up and kept them to the basket. The team bounced back. We went back and forth all day. They are a very resilient football team. They competed for four quarters, and sh ** they deserve to win. I’m just disappointed that I couldn’t help them get this victory today. ”


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