Caroline de Strictly says “honeymoon period is over” after nasty argument with Johannes


Strictly Come Dancing star Caroline Quentin has admitted that all is not rosy with her dance partner Johannes Radebe.She appeared on This Morning on Thursday where she spoke to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Speaking of Caroline’s fantastic score in Week 1, Johannes admitted: “I was surprised by the scores actually, I thought they would probably score her a 5.

“But when those 7 came out, I was like, ‘This is a testament to how hard you’ve worked for the past two weeks.’ “

Johannes said he didn’t expect Caroline to get such high scores from the judges

Holly asked, “Is she a good student, Johannes, does she listen and work hard?”

Johannes replied: “She is a fantastic student and I am not saying that just because she is sitting next to me.

“She’s a very strong woman, but she takes directions so well, as you can see, the performances have proven that.

“I enjoyed my time with her.

Caroline said things were still awkward after a big argument yesterday

Caroline interrupted: “It’s very kind of Johannes to say that, but we had our first real barney yesterday and we’re still a little embittered about it.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be told all the time by someone who is always really right, it’s quite frustrating.

“I offered an opinion on a dance step and I was totally wrong, but rather than back down gracefully, I just tapped on it.

“And he got really mad at me!”

Caroline Quentin and Johannes Radebe could make the final

“And about ten minutes later, I realized I was dead wrong.

“I think our honeymoon period is over and it’s going to be… No, actually it won’t, because I’m going to learn to be quiet and bow to higher knowledge.”

Phil asked Caroline about her ballerina dreams when she was young and she explained: “Like many kids I went to ballet school, I was obsessed with it, ballet was my absolute life and my dream.

Contestants will dance in an empty studio from now on

“It didn’t happen for various reasons, I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t tall enough, my body wasn’t quite suitable.

“And suddenly now I have this real joy of dancing with a partner, because I’ve never been good enough at partner work, I’ve never taken an elevator.

“And that’s what you dream of when you’re a little girl… And I have the best elevator person in the world, and he needs to be.” ”

Asked about the news that studio audiences have been banned since the first time in the show’s history due to the lockdown, Caroline said, “We are very aware of our audience, so hopefully we can. look down the camera and know we’re doing it straight for the millions of people watching the show.

“We want to connect with our audience, even if they’re not in the studio, we want to connect with them at home. ”

* This morning is broadcast on weekdays on ITV at 10 a.m.


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