Cardinals’ Corey Peters suffered a late season patellar tendon tear in Week 10 against Bills


The headline that comes out of the Arizona Cardinals’ terrible 32-30 win in Week 10 over the Buffalo Bills is the “Hail Murray, “But it’s the good news that overshadows some of the bad that also happened on Sunday. Forward quarterback Kyler Murray threw a bomb from nearly 50 yards DeAndre Hopkins in triple cover for winning touchdown, the team saw two starters come off the field on their return attempt, and within moments of each other. One was tight end Darrell Daniels and the other was nose tackle Corey Peters and on Wednesday the verdict on the latter landed as the worst case scenario.

Peters will miss the remainder of the 2020 season, the team announced. The 32-year-old reportedly suffered from a torn patellar tendon, by Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, leaving the game with only a few moments remaining in the first half – not to return.

The loss is a blow to a Cardinals defensive line that has already lost All-Pro passer Chandler Jones for the year, and must now fill another void going forward, this time indoors. Peters has been extremely durable since joining the team in 2015 on a three-year contract, having missed that year due to a torn Achilles in pre-season, but continued to play in 67 games. regular season – from 66 of them. He has also not missed several games since a four-game absence in 2017, which led to another three-year contract which was signed before the end of this season.

Unrestricted free agent in 2021 and returning from a serious injury at 32, there is now a more complicated discussion between him and the Cardinals going forward.

He was a valiant nose tackle in Arizona and is not easily replaced. The squad will likely be looking to replace lineman Trevon Coley for some help, but since they’re skinny in the job and there’s not a lot of practice team talent they could potentially raise, it is possible and even likely that they will. take a look at the free agency to see what’s available. Having now stolen first place in the NFC West from the Seattle Seahawks and preparing to face them in Week 11, it is paramount that they heal the wound created by the loss of Peters.

Unfortunately for them, no one they sign this week would be eligible to play on Sunday due to COVID-19 protocols.


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