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The Curry / Manning team gets off to a good start after Curry pulls away from the fairway. Mickelson then eliminates his pilot and lets the group know, “I wouldn’t normally hit the pilot here, but I just want to set the tone,” and cuts the corner of the left dogleg opening, but finds it rough. Barkley then picks up an iron and hits a perfect draw down the fairway, but he’s well back, meaning they decide to use Mickelson’s shot.Manning pulls his approach very lightly towards the fringe of the green, but makes sure Curry has a birdie look of around 20 feet. Mickelson tells Barkley the shot is 70 yards as he worries about the pace through the difficult. It’s actually 55 meters. Mickelson’s math backfires and Barkley slams him through the green to the back bangs leaving about 70 feet.

“I won’t do this again for you,” the TOUR star is obliged to tell his teammate.

Mickelson is six feet behind, giving Curry a shot at the hole, but his effort is short.

“I don’t remember Tiger giving you five feet,” Mickelson chirped to Manning, referring to the previous Capital One game where Tiger Woods and Manning beat Mickelson and Tom Brady 1up.

Barkley leaves his normal putt on the top edge and lips open, but Manning is right on and an early lead is established.

Hole result: Curry / Manning WIN
Hole scores: Curry / Manning – Par; Mickelson / Barkley – Bogey
Match score: Curry / Manning 1up Mickelson / Barkley

Hole 2: (par 5, 559 yards)
A change of strategy for the Mickelson / Barkley team is instituted immediately as Barkley defies all odds and finds his second straight fairway off the tee. Mickelson’s drive is much longer, but they pick Barkley’s ball, allowing Phil to try to reach the green in half. The 50-year-old arrives right in front of the green.

After a gentle walk from Manning, Curry sets a number that Manning clearly liked as his corner kick heads for the hole and sticks out the lips before settling down to about six feet. Unfortunately, Curry pushed the birdie putt to the right.

This miss turns out to be costly as Barkley produces an impressive long-delay putt from the front of the green to five feet and given the chance to balance the game, Mickelson makes no mistakes.

“I made a mistake in strategy and gave them a hole,” Mickelson said of the first hole. “But Chuck and I can do pars and birdies on this course if we play with our strength and with him that’s his goal, so I’m going to work to give him those chances.

Hole result: Mickelson / Barkley WIN
Hole scores: Curry / Manning – Par; Mickelson / Barkley – Birdie
Match score: Curry / Manning ALL SQUARE Mickelson / Barkley

Hole 3: (par 4, 304 yards)
We took on the Ford Mustang Mach-E Drivable par 4 challenge where a hole in one would trigger a $ 5 million donation to HBCUs, an eagle earns $ 1 million, a drive within 10 feet is worth $ 250,000 and the winner of the $ 100,000 hole.

Mickelson doesn’t even need a pilot and lets himself go, offering a shot to the back fringe of the green. Barkley brings out his driver for the first time and fires a low bullet they can reject.

Curry and Manning both have a crack with the driver with the former NFL star’s shot just short and just in draft the best of both. The curry erupts, but the ball rolls significantly, so Manning has to try an unlikely birdie. He doesn’t have enough gasoline to make it happen and they settle for par.

Barkley has a million dollar putt and the hole with Mickelson reminding him to “calm his mind” and forget about the money, the cameras, and all the noise outside. His 25 foot eagle effort has a bit of heat and goes to five feet. The stress of it all is evident on his face, but you’d be hard pressed to find many 25 Handicapists (Barkley’s official number) capable of doing much better in the spotlight like this.

Mickelson proves his pedigree by converting the birdie to win the hole and take their first lead in the game.

Hole result: Mickelson / Barkley WIN
Hole scores: Curry / Manning – Par; Mickelson / Barkley – Birdie
Match score: Mickelson / Barkley 1up Curry / Manning

Hole 4: (par 4, 374 yards)
Barkley clearly went to some sort of golf training camp like when he was part of The Hank Haney Project on the Golf Channel. His swing withstands pressure quite well and he finds himself once again in the middle of the fairway off the tee. This allows Mickelson to flex completely with his calves and try to hit a bomb near the green.

“I’ve only seen one better resurrection,” Gary McCord quipped about Barkley’s play in a comment.

Mickelson hits a huge drive that finds the fairway, but the 50-yard field would have to go through a bunker and find the right level of the green so he learns from the opening hole and decides to back up his approach play from a distance against Barkley’s. fast play. Clever shooting from around 18 feet makes the strategy look genius.

Manning’s drive plunged into the rough left, leaving Curry under enormous pressure given the momentum of the match. The Warriors’ weapon goes up in the clutch and does a good workout near the green, albeit in the rough left. The angle for the short wedge approach is good, however. Manning, aware of the need to bring the ball to the back level where the spindle is, is just a little aggressive and sends the second shot to the rough back, but close enough that Curry uses his putter for their third. This effort goes about 10 feet from the spindle.

Barkley’s attempt to birdie the hole from 18 feet is underway, but ends up being short. It’s pretty good when Manning pushes his putt by.

Hole result: Mickelson / Barkley WIN
Hole scores: Curry / Manning – Bogey; Mickelson / Barkley – Par
Match score: Mickelson / Barkley 2up Curry / Manning


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