Canadian officials warn drivers not to let moose lick their cars


Yes, you read that right.

Officials in Jasper, an alpine town in the Canadian province of Alberta, have put up signs asking motorists to avoid letting the moose lick salt, a treat moose find difficult to resist, out of their way. car.

“They are obsessed with salt, it’s one of the things they need for the minerals in their bodies,” Jasper National Park spokesperson Steve Young said. “They usually get it from the salt lakes in the park, but now they realize that they can also get road salt that splashes on cars.

In Jasper National Park, where people often park on the side of the road hoping to spot moose, leaving animals near your car is actually a serious danger.

By allowing the moose to lick the salt off your car, it will get used to being around cars. This poses a risk to animals and drivers who may accidentally run into them.“Moose and cars are not a good mix. If you hit the moose with your car, you take the legs off from underneath and it goes through your windshield, ”Young said.

The best way to stop a moose from approaching your car is to simply walk away when you see it approaching, he added.

Another important warning that Young and other officials continue to stress is the importance of staying inside your car and avoiding any interaction with wildlife, including moose.

While other animals usually run away as humans approach, the moose will hold on and charge up if it feels threatened.

“We’ve seen a lot more moose lately. The wolf population is declining, which means there are fewer predators and the moose population is increasing accordingly, ”Young said. “It also means that people have to be respectful and give them space. ”

Visitors are not allowed to feed, attract or disturb wildlife in national parks and violators could face fines of up to $ 25,000, he added.


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