Can the hairdresser come to my house?


No, home visits by hairdressers and other beauticians are not permitted during childbirth.Earlier this week, a government spokesperson for the Home Office announced that home visits could continue, but the move has since been overturned.

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire confirmed the rule banning home visits in an interview with a news source RTL this morning (November 2).

He said: “It is not understandable that a hairdresser who has gone to so much trouble to adapt to health regulations, who put hand gel at the entrance and ask hairdressers to wearing masks, at the same time offers hairdressing appointments at home. . “

He added: “It is unreasonable to let a barber come into your house.”

Alain Griset, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises confirmed this position in an interview with a source of information BFMTV. He said: “Homes are even more dangerous than living rooms. In the salons, health protocols are in place. A hairdresser who walks into a house walks into a place that is not secure. ”

Other home visits by beauty professionals are also prohibited during childbirth.


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