Cam Newton has an answer as to why JJ Watt had four deflections


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After Texans anger at the Patriots, JJ Watt tweeted a GIF Dikembe Mutombo no comment. Anyone who has seen Sunday’s game understands: JJ Swat was back.

The Texans defensive end has diverted three assists in nine games this season before Sunday. He had a career best four against Cam Newton.

One of them came in third and four of the Houston 24 with 1:20 left and the Patriots trying to tie the game. This denied Newton a chance to perform N’Keal Harry.

“It’s JJ Watt,” Newton said with a chuckle. “It’s an All-Pro, eternal All-Pro. He’s a defensive player of the year, one of the best players of this generation. So for us, that’s what it is. They are also paid. So for us to go against that, I’m not saying we’re folding the tent, but at the same time they’re going to make plays like we’re going to make plays, and we just can’t bend out of shape when that happens. product.

Watt made just two tackles, one for loss, and had no sacks, but his four break-ups were huge.

Last year, Watt had three deflections in eight games, and he had four in 16 games in 2018. Watt had 16 in 2012 and 10 in 2014, the only two times he’s had pass breakages. double digits in one season.

Watt was asked if it was fun “being able to smash all those passes like you do all the time throughout the day?”

“Yeah, I still do. I just did it today, ”he said.


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