BYU, Boise State football teams have joined in praying. Why and how?


The BYU and Boise State players made a striking image on Friday night as they held hands and knelt on the blue turf at Albertsons Stadium in Boise after a game between two nationally ranked soccer teams.

Pastor Mark Thornton stood in their midst and prayed for them as some players bow their heads and others lift their faces to the sky. Virtually all players from both teams participated. The massive blockade between what are normally rivals on the pitch covered the logo in midfield and spanned 15 yards.

It’s rare, Thornton said.

A photo made the rounds on social networks, but some context was missing. How did the unusual prayer go? Why were players at a public college in Idaho praying with players at a private school in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Utah? And what did this mean for players and coaches?


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