Businesses See Waves of Buyers, Appointments Before Second Lockdown in Toronto and Peel


With less than 48 hours before Toronto and the Region of Peel enter a second lockdown, businesses are seeing an increase in the number of people trying to access services before they shut down.

Salons and other personal service businesses, like nail spas and wax bars, report full weekends. Beauty bar The Ten Spot, which has locations throughout the city, was sold out for their weekend within three hours on Friday.

Queen Street West store manager Estelle Lombardi told The Star her senior executives were prepared to deal with the surge in customers. “Since we’ve done this before, it’s actually more notice than we had the first time we closed, so we have checklists in place for closing at the end of ( the day) tomorrow. “

A Fuzz Wax Bar manager said he sees more than double his regular customers. “On a typical weekend, we see about 30 people a day,” said Leanne Donnelly, who runs a Fuzz location on Queen St. East. “Today I think we have close to 70, a full waiting list, and our sister facility is full as well, as are our corporate sites.”

Shopping malls are also bracing for an influx of vacation shoppers.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Oxford Properties, the management company that operates Yorkdale, Square One and Scarborough Town Center, said shopping malls were extending hours of operation this weekend to handle a planned increase in number of visitors.

Visitors to the malls will be able to shop from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. in Square One and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. in Yorkdale and downtown Scarborough and avoid rush hours from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., said the spokesperson.

Restaurants that operate patio service also experienced a busier-than-usual peak on Friday night. At The Stone Lion’s east pub, manager Brian Short said there was an immediate increase in the number of people coming to eat.

“Today we put on social media, kind of like New Years Eve 2020 for the patio and people are starting to come out,” Short said. “Looks like the support is there.”

He said that while his bar has a policy of allowing staff to stay at home if they don’t feel comfortable, the staff have come because it’s unclear what to expect. “The first stop was a little less unknown, it didn’t look like anything was in place.”

Her biggest concern is the staff, who are “a bit left in limbo.” They’ve been closed twice now, they all have to pay rent, ”Short said.

After this weekend, the question for many companies will be what next.



“I think what’s more scary is what’s going to happen after Monday – what resources will be available for small businesses like us and our staff,” said Mariama Njai, owner of DollHouse905, a Brampton beauty salon. .

“Are we going to be able to keep our doors open?”


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