Brooklyn rabbi accused of pedophilia dies of coronavirus


Brooklyn rabbi known to be accused of pedophilia is believed to have died in Israel from coronavirus, the New York Post Rabbi Joel Kolko, who had taught at the Ocean Parkway yeshiva Torah Temimah, had been accused on several occasions of assaulting male students in the past. He was visiting Israel for the last vacation, but later contracted coronavirus. “I heard he was sick. He was on a ventilator, ”said Avi Moskowitz, a Torah Temimah lawyer. Publish.A Zoom memorial service has also been announced, but the date of death is unclear. Kolko, who was 74 when he died, has faced several allegations of child molestation following lawsuits filed under In 2017, the yeshiva paid an unprecedented $ 2.1 million to two former students who accused the rabbi of assaulting them. Now Moskowitz is defending the yeshiva against three other pending lawsuits of a similar nature.

However, Kolko’s death complicates matters. “You have grown men who claim that 40 or 50 years ago something happened, and now the person alleged to have done it is no longer available,” Moskowitz told the Publish. But Niall MacGiollabhu, who represents one of the plaintiffs, disagrees. “It will not affect the case. At the end of the day, there’s no denying that Kolko did what he did. My client will testify ”, he explained to Publish, adding that “I’m sure some people think he [Kolko] has escaped a full measure of justice, but I can tell you this: her epitaph was not written, and she will be written by her victims. How he remembers him will be determined by his victims.


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