Brexit: France accuses the United Kingdom of not negotiating seriously under the threat of voting against the agreement | Politics | News


Despite months of negotiations, an official in the French presidency said the UK needed to clarify its positions and “really negotiate” in order to strike a trade deal with the bloc. The French official said: “The priority is for the British to clarify their positions and actually negotiate to find an agreement. The EU also has interests to defend, those of fair competition for its businesses and those of its fishermen. ”

Now German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that many EU states are extremely anxious to see the lack of progress in the negotiations.
However, she added: “An agreement is in everyone’s interest. ”

EU officials have resumed crucial talks in London to secure a post-Brexit trade deal.

The talks have been touted as the last ‘major’ opportunity to avoid a no-deal Brexit at the end of December.

Michel Barnier’s offer to return to the UK 15-18 per cent of the quota of European fishing fleets caught in UK waters has been deemed “totally unacceptable” by Downing Street.

The United Kingdom wants to recover 80% of the quota.

Today Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said a Brussels-London free trade deal should be concluded “this week if possible”.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on Sunday that “the last really important week” was about to begin.

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