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France strongly opposed any modification of current fishing policies in the context of post-Brexit trade with the United Kingdom. The tough stance has wreaked havoc in the negotiations, and the latest assertions by the French have infuriated readers.

Nathalie Loiseau, a close ally of President Emmanuel Macron, affirmed that the CFP had “so far been a success”.Asked by Sky News ‘Sophy Ridge about whether British fishermen would have access to more fish, the French MEP replied:’ Why should we ruin something that works? ”

The exchange sparked a furious backlash from readers of, who looked to the comments section to state that the CFP had not been beneficial to UK trawlers.

One person said: “Thanks to the Common Fisheries Policy, we have lost almost half of our fishing fleet over the past 30 years and have become a net importer of fish caught in our waters!

“It’s time to take back what is rightfully ours! ”

A second reader wrote: “The Common Fisheries Policy has been a huge success for the French and other EU countries.

“It allowed them to take control of the UK’s natural resources, our fisheries.

“This is a mistake we made and which is being corrected.

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Readers continued to mock Ms. Loiseau’s claim that the CFP has been good for all states.

One person said: ‘The CFP wiped out UK fishing when it was introduced.

“We don’t care now how EU fishermen are going to suffer as the UK leaves the EU.

“No one in the EU gives a shit when British fishermen have had to sell or moor their boats as their business closed en masse.

“If the CFP works for the EU, let it… Just stay out of UK waters which are no longer part of the EU’s CFP scam. ”

A second reader wrote: “The French would say the CFP was a success, wouldn’t they, after all of this is done in such a way that they get the lion’s share of the fish caught and the UK get some leftovers. ”

Fisheries remain the biggest obstacle to a deal between Britain and the EU, although the two sides are close to reaching a deal.

Whitehall officials are confident that a deal can be reached by November 30 so that a bill can be passed.


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