Braid: Shocking COVID-19 Case Count Reveals System Under Severe Stress


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Why are infections increasing so strongly? Hinshaw gave an explanation.

The culprits are people who continue to work and move around while showing symptoms.

In Calgary, 11 percent of active cases were functioning while being symptomatic. Nine percent traveled and seven percent attended a social gathering.

In Edmonton, nine percent were working while experiencing symptoms. Eight percent went to a store or service business, and another eight percent attended a social gathering.

Hinshaw calculates that up to 500 people circulated freely despite being symptomatic. This highly infectious disease could explode from these people to thousands and thousands more, who in turn will spread it to even more people.

This is what happened in the United States. This is what we have been successful in preventing – so far.

Hinshaw almost begs people to stop all activities if they have symptoms. And don’t go to house parties whether you’re symptomatic or not.

I have already mentioned the comparison with Ontario. But it is important to give an idea of ​​the problems in which we find ourselves.

Ontario’s daily cases now number about 1,000 – just 200 more than our new record. Quebec had just over 1,000 on Wednesday.

Both provinces have millions more people than Alberta.

If the latest level of 800 cases rises to match the numbers for Ontario and Quebec, it will clearly be true that the COVID-19 crisis in Alberta is the worst in Canada.

Prime Minister Jason Kenney recently told thoughtless people who ignore all this, “Stop it.”

They don’t listen. Very soon, if this continues, he will have to act.

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