Black Friday Apple Deals 2020: Airpods, Apple Watch, iPad


If you’re looking for deals on MacBooks, iPads, Apple Watches, or iPhones, you won’t find these great deals on the Apple Store or on Apple’s website. According to senior writer Nick Guy, our Apple expert, discounts from the company itself are scarce. When Apple offers promotions, the offers tend to take the form of gift cards (instead of lower prices) given out when you buy Apple hardware. “Even when Apple offers money back offers, they are often not substantial discounts,” says Nick. If you’re looking for bigger discounts, you’re better off trying other sites and stores, such as Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart.You shouldn’t expect to see great Apple deals on the latest items, even from third-party merchants. A newly released iPhone or Apple Watch is unlikely to get any discounts, but models that have been around a little longer are generally fair. Here’s what we know about the best Apple deals we’ve found from third-party merchants.

Best Walmart Apple Deals

We are currently researching the best deals on Wirecutter Picks on Apple products and will add them here if we find them.

Throughout the year, Walmart regularly offers small discounts on Apple favorites like the iPhone and iPad and on accessories like the Apple Pencil and AirPods. There are also occasional discounts, especially on Apple Watches and iPads, and these are especially likely during Black Friday. You can also expect Walmart to equalize Amazon prices (and vice versa) wherever possible on Black Friday. Walmart, like Apple itself, has always offered gift cards in addition to new iPhone purchases (with activation) during Black Friday. Walmart does not sell MacBooks directly and we do not recommend that you purchase one from third party sellers who may list MacBooks on the Walmart Marketplace.

Best Apple Target Deals

We’re currently researching the best deals on Wirecutter Choices on Apple products and will add them here if we find them.

Target offers its own selling prices on aging but current iPads and current and latest-generation Apple Watches, sometimes during daily sales, but especially during Black Friday. Target’s Apple selling prices usually match discounts at other department stores, but if you’re a RedCard holder, you can save an additional 5%, which isn’t a huge discount, but enough to offset some of the taxes. sale. Like Walmart, Target doesn’t sell MacBooks or iMacs, but you can usually find accessories like iPad keyboard cases, AirPods, and Apple Pencil in addition to iPad and iPad Pro tablets, the HomePod, and the Apple Pencil. Apple TV. Target also offers special deals on Black Friday gift cards on an activation iPhone; However, this is a typical promotion offered by a number of retailers, so you should choose a store where you get the best gift card value and are most likely to use it.

Best Apple Deals from Best Buy

We’re currently researching the best deals on Wirecutter Choices on Apple products and will add them here if we find them.

Outside of the Apple Store itself, you’ll find that the widest variety of Apple gear available at a major chain can be found at Best Buy, as the electronics giant, unlike some of its competitors, sells products. Apple laptops and desktops. Best Buy also has the most regular and advertised Apple sales throughout the year, though only a few of those sales offer prices worth the money. Look for deals on iPads and Apple Watches on Black Friday – the bargains will be as good as the competition. The prices of accessories will also be; Best Buy often hands over the HomePod, for example. Best Buy sets itself apart from the competition in MacBooks, with regular offers on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro ranges. Discounts are usually not massive, especially for newer models – recent MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros are typically available for $ 50 to $ 200 off, depending on total price – but sometimes towards the end of a MacBook generation. , we see even bigger discounts.

Black Friday Deals on Apple Gift Cards

We’re currently researching the best deals on Wirecutter Choices on Apple products and will add them here if we find them.

Sometimes you’ll see discounts on gift cards for the iTunes Store and App Store at every retailer that sells them, except Apple, of course. However, we have never seen discounts on gift cards for Apple stores.

But in-store gift cards appear to be extras when you buy something else. Apple is notorious for providing gift cards instead of slashing the price of gear for Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and back-to-school promotions (which is why we recommend looking elsewhere if you want. Apple products at low prices). But Apple isn’t the only company offering such deals: Target and Walmart, for example, have offered similar gift cards over the holidays.

Most people would rather save money than receive an in-store gift card, but if you’re really into securing the latest iPhone (and if you come across any of these offers), you might as well withdraw a gift card. . Receiving a card doesn’t feel as good as scoring a low price on an iPhone, but Target and Walmart have a wide selection of inventory – you won’t have a hard time spending the cash, even if it is. at the grocery store for next month.

What about offers on refurbished Apple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks?

Buying a refurbished item – an item that has been returned or otherwise repaired – directly from Apple is a great way to save money. “Apple refurbished products are just as reliable as new ones, and almost always aesthetically indistinguishable,” says our writer Nick Guy. They also come with a full one-year Apple warranty and are eligible for the optional AppleCare extended warranty.

But if you see a price that is too good to be true on an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook at a third-party site, it’s likely a device that has been refurbished by a company other than Apple. Such a deal might seem a bit sketchy, and it’s probably best to stay away, especially with a high-priced purchase. “With the exception of refurbished products that Apple sells itself, refurbished products generally have a shorter warranty than newer models and no warranty of quality,” warns Nick.


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