Bill Belichick says he learned from Cam Newton’s new perspective


Cam Newton is not Tom Brady.Shocking, I know.

This means Bill Belichick regularly meets with Newton – not Brady – to discuss the attacking game plan. that means Belichick often consults with Newton – not Brady – to discuss the dynamics of the locker room. And the changing of the guard at quarterback was a rewarding experience for Bill Belichick. Newton brings a whole different set of skills and experiences to Brady’s.

“He kind of brings a different, maybe fresher energy or perspective to things that I think we can all enjoy. So I think it really worked in a positive way from that point of view, ”said Belichick, when asked about Newton’s leadership. “I’m sure he learned some things about our organization and he learned some things from us, and I think we all learned some things from him. You can see why he has accomplished so much in other countries – be it Carolina or Auburn – why he has been successful in other places for a long time as well.

Newton and the Patriots had their ups and downs throughout the 2020 season. But he and New England ended a four-game losing streak in Week 9 with a win over the New York Jets. And now the Patriots are flirting with the playoffs after a win over the Baltimore Ravens in Week 10. Newton’s flawless football and outstanding leadership have clearly helped turn the boat around.

“Cam has a good leadership style. He has a good personality. He gets along with everyone, works with everyone. I think everyone feels a positive connection with him, ”Belichick said. : He knows who they are and cares about them and wants to fit in as a member of the team, like everyone else. I think we all appreciate and respect that. So, he demands a lot of himself, which is a good leadership trait, and he’s very supportive of his teammates, which is another good leadership trait. So I think he did a good job, especially since it’s a new team and he doesn’t have the experience that some other players, that a lot of us have in this organization. .


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