Big Brother Laureate 22 AFP: interview with Da’Vonne Rogers


Da’Vonne Rogers came to “Big Brother 22: All-Stars” with the goal of becoming the game’s first black winner. It didn’t happen, but she made franchise history in another way: becoming the first black houseguest to be named America’s Favorite Player, winning $ 25,000.

We caught up with the player three times to discuss her surprising (for her) AFP victory, why she voted for Cody Calafiore to win Enzo Palumbo, why she wouldn’t have voted for Nicole Franzel this time around, what if the Season 18 alumni resolved the voting fiasco earlier in the season when Nicole pinned her vote to kick out? Ian Terry sure David Alexander.

Gold Derby: You seemed surprised to even be in the top 2 for AFP. Who do you think was going to be up there?
Da’Vonne: I don’t know who was going to be up there, but I knew for sure Tyler [Crispen]. The other two, I had no idea. Janelle [Pierzina], sure, but I don’t really know. Speaking of what I know in terms of how it usually goes, African Americans are usually not in the top three, so to be there, then the top two and then to Julie [Chen Moonves] to say my name I won my mind was really blown. I hope it showed on my face because I was really shocked. Really shocked. … I am grateful. Thanks, I don’t think it’s big enough. My heart is full. That’s all I can say.

Gold Derby: You wanted to make history as the game’s first black winner and you didn’t, but you always made history with it. What do you feel?
Da’Vonne: It’s incredible. It lets me know that I have been heard and that my stay at home has not been in vain. Although I did not reach the big goal, as you said, there is still history that has been made and I am grateful to be a part of it. It feels good.

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Gold Derby: Getting back to the final, it was 9-0 for Cody. Have you thought about voting for Enzo?
Da’Vonne: I was really encouraging Enzo. I have the impression that all those who remained in the last four are all bad at the level of the management of the jury. [Laughs] They had burned everyone in the jury room in some way. However, of those four in my mind at the time, Enzo was the least of all these evils. So I was like, “OK, I encourage you. I want you to do this thing.

Then when he wins the HOH that sends Christmas [Abbott] outside, you had the opportunity to remove “never named” from Cody’s resume and you didn’t even take it. I’m making you try to be loyal, but we’re about to be fierce. He’s not your friend right now; this is the person you are competing against. You have to put his butt on the block so that we can at least say, “Well, Enzo named him. I always said Cody had a very clean record. I was still looking for Enzo, but Cody’s file and CV were the cleanest. So the one that cut it was the one I felt, “Hey, look at that person. But no one took a picture, so give the man his check!

Gold Derby: It seemed like you weren’t bitter. We have had bitter juries in recent years. Do you think it’s because you’ve played this before?
Da’Vonne: I believe there were people who were bitter towards Cody, but this season, for some reason, a lot of people were on, “I don’t want America looking at me a certain way, so I have to vote. [this way] because I don’t want America to think I’m bitter. So they were talking mess when the cameras were off, okay? [Laughs] So when we were in front of the cameras it was, “Oh, Cody is playing a great game! Like two seconds ago, you ransacked him and said you hoped he was kicked out, but whatever! So getting a unanimous vote was not at all surprising.

Gold Derby: So if Nicole had won the final HOH and sent off Cody, would you have voted for her to win again?
Da’Vonne: No! And I say that and I don’t care about people who think I’m bitter. You know me, I’ve been me all the way – organically, without any Da’Vonne apologies. She would never have gotten my vote this season, not for the way I thought she did to me this season. It was unnecessary.

I know a lot of people think, “Oh, that was a play move,” and I want to be very clear: her flipping her vote and pinning it on David, I understand that from a strategic point of view. However, she and I were on personal matters. This is the problem. I let my personal feelings for her come into play, so when she and I started to build that personal relationship, I was like, “Girl, just give me this as Da’Vonne’s friend. ” There’s so much to this story, there’s so many different layers, and I’m just like, “Girl, I can’t. ” I will not be able. But I would have said, “Yes, you vote for her. Give him his cake, but I won’t.

Gold Derby: You said there were people who would have voted for her if she had done the last two, and Enzo said he would have voted for her too because he would vote for whoever didn’t. not cut, then she could have won.
Da’Vonne: Yeah, she could easily have won. It just wouldn’t have been my hand. She could have easily won, absolutely.

Gold Derby: Have you spoken to Nicole since you got home about her coaching David and the voting situation?
Da’Vonne: No, I haven’t spoken to anyone. I have been away for three months and I am a mother, so coming home everything revolves around my child. I’m not really interested in any of these guests and what they’re doing. The only two people I’m really like, “Hey, I want to talk to you after I settle in” are Bayleigh [Dayton] and Ian. That’s it. Everyone, I’m just like, “Hey, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” But I love you and I forgive you with the love of the Lord, but that’s about it. That’s all you get from me.

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Gold Derby: We have since found out that there are drama between you and Kevin [Campbell] and David in the jury house. What can you tell us what happened between you guys?
Da’Vonne: See, it’s a lot of tea and I’m saving this tea for my YouTube video. [Laughs]

Gold Derby: OK, what can you tease then?
Da’Vonne: What I will say is that when I said we weren’t friends anymore, people took it as, “Oh my God! They hate each other! We don’t hate each other. There is no bad blood. Sometimes you just realize that those particular people that I don’t want in my space and in my bubble are taking away from my positive energy. And I don’t want that. There is no rule that says “after playing ‘Big Brother’ you have to be friends.” No, we don’t! And I think it’s okay! And I don’t think people should be offended or upset that we don’t talk. Not everyone has to be friends, so this is where we are. This is not bad blood, there is none of that. We – you know, no, thank you.

Gold Derby: How different do you think this season would have been if you had won this HOH and answered this question?
Da’Vonne: Oh! Week 5 haunts me in my sleep! You don’t even know! It would have been completely different because I would have named Cody and Tyler. I just wanted to see what was going to happen. When you step into a game, especially an All-Stars season, you vent threats – allies or not, I don’t care. Cody and Tyler in the neighborhood the night of the eviction? Goodbye! We reject them. But you have to be able to take those photos, and I think that besides me the only person who at the start of the game was ready to take those photos was Janelle. It sucked because no one else was prepared to do it. I wish I could have done it.

Gold Derby: How frustrating was it playing and getting voted in the middle of seeing this one alliance running the whole game in bulk and there was no reshuffle?
Da’Vonne: It was really frustrating because I was a fan of the show first and foremost, before I became a player. As a fan and a viewer, we don’t like to see this. We don’t like that one alliance takes everything. We love to see conflict and chaos. We don’t like home votes, unanimous votes – it’s not fun to watch. And so I watch it happen and I’m like, “Oh, my God! Something has to be done. But to do something you have to gain power, and I think that’s the downfall of the people who weren’t in that alliance. We couldn’t gain power. This is why week 6 has been so good! David used his power. Couldn’t be touched. I used my veto. Couldn’t be touched, Kevin couldn’t be touched. It was great!

Gold Derby: It was the only second time the Veto was used this season. It has only been used twice and you haven’t even used it on yourself.
Da’Vonne: It is true! When I needed it, I couldn’t earn it for myself. [Laughs] But I used it. It was a good week.

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Gold Derby: What things have you learned since you got home about the season that surprised you?
Da’Vonne: These guests were stupid! They were doing a lot of unwise things and there was a lot of ignorance in this house. Maybe instead of saying that Da’Vonne’s speeches are too long, you should have been sitting there listening because you probably could have been educated and didn’t make some of the stupid comments and some stupid mistakes inside the house. . And now, you’ve got a lot of fire kindled under you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Once you say it and it’s put in the universe, it’s there. You can’t take that back, so maybe you should have listened and learned instead of talking.

Gold Derby: Are you going to watch this season?
Da’Vonne: Absolutely. I haven’t watched Season 17 and I haven’t watched Season 18, but this season I’m nosy now and I’m definitely going to watch it. I want to know! [Laughs]

Gold Derby: Are you going to play a fourth time and finally win the big one?
Da’Vonne: Oooh. We’re going to tell the Lord about it. I don’t know if I can do another stretch. It was a shortened season. A regular season for us is 99 days; this one was shorter. Then I do not know.

Gold Derby: I think you would qualify for “Celebrity” if they did it again. It’s like 30 days.
Da’Vonne: I’m ready! What I really want to do is “Survivor”. It’s 36 days, I’ll be gone, knock that out I’ll be okay with that. I think that’s what I want to do.

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