Biden’s security bolstered by Secret Service ahead of possible election victory and acceptance speech, reports show


Quoting two people familiar with the plans, the Publish reported that the Secret Service would send reinforcements to Wilmington on Friday as his campaign braces for Mr Biden to potentially claim victory.

The campaign alerted the Secret Service that the Democratic candidate will continue to use a convention center in Wilmington for at least one more day, where he could give a major speech as early as Friday.

While the extra security doesn’t equate to the full protective detail of an elected president, the outlet reported that it is bringing the number of officers closer to the former vice president. Neither the Secret Service nor the Biden campaign commented on the Posts report.

The final result of the US election is expected to be announced in the wee hours of Friday morning or during the day depending on the count in Pennsylvania and Georgia, with Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina to follow.

While Mr. Biden is currently favored to achieve the 270 electoral college votes needed to claim the presidency, Donald Trump said Thursday that anonymous opponents “were trying to rig an election.”

His campaign has launched several lawsuits to delay the counting process in a number of states, including Pennsylvania and Georgia.

If Mr. Trump refuses to concede in the face of the electoral college summoning in favor of Mr. Biden, the Secret Service could choose to maintain the status quo by protecting the two candidates while the legal battle unfolds.


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