Biden’s Chinese policy? A balance for a toxic relationship


And the president shows no sign of support for a confrontational approach in other areas. On November 20, his administration is expected to start economic talks with Taiwan that risk putting Beijing in difficulty. His advisers are considering further measures to punish China in the coming weeks, including sanctions related to China’s crackdown on security in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, where the Chinese government has carried out mass detentions and severe controls on ethnic minorities.

“We fear that he is doing rash things that will make no sense for the future of the country or for global stability,” said Rufus Yerxa, chairman of the National Council for Foreign Trade, which represents large multinationals. “Given the history of President Trump’s use of executive power, we are not taking anything for granted in the coming months.”

Still, “most of what it could do is through executive orders and actions, which can be overruled by a Biden administration,” Yerxa added.

Mr. Biden’s choice to reverse Mr. Trump’s more punitive measures will depend, at least in part, on China’s future behavior, including whether it pursues more aggressive forays into the South China Sea, Taiwan and in Hong Kong, people close to his campaign. say.

Beijing recently endorsed a policy of greater technological autonomy and a stronger military to protect itself against a more antagonistic United States, and has moved forward with consolidating other economic partnerships. On Sunday, China signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, a pan-Asian trade pact that includes Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries, and will contribute to consolidate the image of China as the dominant economic power in the region. .

Mr Biden’s appointments to trade and foreign policy posts could help determine his approach to China, though it remains unclear who he might appoint to such critical positions as Secretary of State and Commerce and Trade Representative of the United States.


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