Biden moves forward with transition as Trump continues to refuse to concede – live | American News


Greetings from Washington, readers of the live blog.It has been nine days since polling day and five days since Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential race, but Donald Trump still did not admit that he lost.

However, the president’s refusal to accept reality doesn’t stop the president-elect from moving forward with his transition to the White House.

Joe Biden
(@Joe Biden)

Ron Klain’s deep and varied experience and ability to work with people from all political backgrounds is precisely what I need in a White House Chief of Staff as we grapple with this moment of crisis and bring together at new our country.

November 12, 2020

Biden announced last night that he had chosen Ron Klain, a longtime adviser who served as “Ebola Tsar” under Barack Obama, as his chief of staff.

Further staff announcements are expected in the days and weeks to come, as Biden prepares for his inauguration on January 20.

But Biden’s determination to treat this as a normal presidential transition clashes with Trump’s strategy of casting doubt on the integrity of the election by peddling unsubstantiated fraud allegations.

Trump’s advisers privately admit that his lawsuits in battlefield states are unlikely to go anywhere and that Trump will have to step down in January.

But until the president accepts this reality, his refusal to concede will continue to be an international spectacle as the country tries to move forward.


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