BC company receives approval for drone delivery service


The shipping industry could see a major change thanks in part to a shipping service based in British Columbia.

InDro Robotics, a Salt Spring Island-based company, claims it is the first company in Canada to be approved to use drones as a service to ship goods under 10 kilograms.

“This clearance has so far only been issued to airlines and paves the way for a (literally) much wider range of drone use,” said Philip Reece, CEO of InDro Robotics Inc., in a statement on Monday.

CTV News Vancouver Island reports that InDro Robotics first made history in August 2019 after delivering prescription drugs from Duncan to Salt Spring Island in just 11 minutes. The delivery included a six-kilometer trip over the Pacific Ocean, according to the company.

“We have had several successful missions transporting drugs and other health related items to remote areas,” he said. “This new license means we can ship up to 10kg (other than people and animals) – important documents, artwork, jewelry – basically anything a manned plane could. ”

The Canadian Transportation Agency has approved InDro to deliver cargo up to 25 kilometers, however, the company is also examining ways to fly its drones up to 200 kilometers for deliveries.

“We believe that in the very near future our planes will be able to travel further and with more weight, which will increase the capabilities of drones,” Reece said.

-with files from CTV News Vancouver Island


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